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第一节(共14小题;每小题2分,共28分)阅读下列短文,从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出最佳选项, 并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。




Dear Jim O' Connor,

My name is Annie Le and I am writing to you on behalf of the Native Health Community Garden, a group of people working on starting a community garden in the Mesa Neighborhood.我是Annie Le,我代表本地健康社区花园给你们写信,这是一群致力于在Mesa社区建立社区花园的人。

While searching for potential garden locations, we came across your house located at West Southern Avenue. We are asking about the possibility of using your land as the site of our garden.在寻找花园地点时,我们发现了你位于西南大道的房子。我们正在询问是否可以把你的土地作为我们花园的场地。

In general, a community garden is a space where plants are grown and taken care of by a group of people in the community. Community gardens improve the quality of life, offer more chances to talk to each other and beautify neighborhoods while providing green food and therefore reducing the household cost of food.一般来说/通常/一般而言,社区花园是一个由社区中的一群人种植和照料植物的空间。社区花园提高了生活质量,提供了更多相互交谈的机会,美化了社区,同时提供了绿色食品,因此降低了家庭食品成本。

To ensure the smooth running of the project, elected volunteers would be in charge. You would have access to all these volunteers and they would like to answer any questions you may have.为了确保项目的顺利进行,将由选出的志愿者负责。你可以接触到所有的志愿者,他们愿意回答你的任何问题。

I have included some general information about community gardens and what they can bring to a community. We would love to speak with you in person or over the phone to discuss what hosting a community garden on your land would involve. Issues may include discussing an agreement, rental charges, garden rules, and water access. All the costs for the project will be covered by us. We would also like to present to you our vision of this space.我已经包括了一些关于社区花园的一般信息,以及它们可以给社区带来什么。我们很乐意与您面谈或通过电话讨论在您的土地上举办社区花园将涉及什么。问题可能包括讨论协议、租金、花园规则和取水。这项工程的所有费用将由我们支付。我们也想向您展示我们对这个空间的愿景。

We would very much like to have your support. Thank you for your consideration and please feel free to contact me. Thank you again.我们非常希望得到您的支持。谢谢您的考虑,请随时联系我。再次感谢你。


/rɪˈspektfəli/ adv. 尊敬地

Annie Le

21. What did Annie Le write to Jim O'Connor?


A. To rent his land.

B. To offer him a job.

C. To invite him to join her group.

D. To inform him of the community garden.

22. According to the passage, what will the garden bring to the community?


A. More green projects.

B. Less water pollution.

C. More communication.

D. Higher cost of living.

23. Annie Le would like to further discuss__________.


A. service cost

B. cooperation details

C. gardening skills

D. community development











Local barber(理发师) goes above and beyond for a little boy


“That day started all wrong,” LaQuista Erinna said. “And we forgot his headphones. We were running late, traffic was horrible, so I knew it was going to be difficult that day.”“那天一开始就错了,”拉奎斯塔·厄里纳(LaQuista Erinna)说。“我们忘了他的耳机。我们要迟到了,交通也很糟糕,所以我知道那天会很难熬。”

When Erinna and her son finally arrived at their appointment, it seemed like there was no way 6-year-oId Jackson, a boy with autism (自闭症), would be getting his hair cut.当厄里娜和她的儿子终于到达他们的预约时,6岁的杰克逊,一个患有自闭症的男孩,似乎不可能去剪头发了。

"He just immediately got anxious," Erinna explained. “Usually I have to do some coaching to get him in the chair. He will put on his headphones, and we power through.” “他马上就焦虑起来了,”欧莲娜解释道。“通常我需要做一些指导才能让他坐上主席的位置。他会戴上耳机,然后我们就接通了。”

Erinna said Jackson is a typical little boy who loves to play and loves art. But some tasks can be sensory overload, and haircuts are one of them.


The stress was so intense for mom and son that almost two years went by before Jackson got another haircut. But this time, he was in the hands of Ree, the barber, and things were getting easier.母亲和儿子承受着巨大的压力,杰克逊又剪了将近两年的头发。但这一次,他掌握在理发师里的手中,事情变得容易多了。

Ree noticed his Super Mario Bros shirt and told him that he needed to save Mario by making sure no hair got on him. She cut his hair while he moved and ran around the shop. She talked to him throughout the entire process, encouraging him and reminding him about protecting Mario to keep him engaged.里注意到他的超级马里奥兄弟衬衫,并告诉他,他需要确保他身上没有头发,以拯救马里奥。他在店里跑来跑去的时候,她给他剪了头发。在整个过程中,她都在和他说话,鼓励他,提醒他要保护马里奥,让他沉浸其中。

"It just touched me so much,” Erinna said. "She nurtured that relationship. She gained his trust.” “这太让我感动了,”惠里娜说。她培养了这种关系。她赢得了他的信任。”

“I feel good I can go above and beyond for a child.” Ree said. “I know children want to be free. They want to express themselves so I try to find a different strategy to make them feel comfortable.” “我觉得很好,我可以为一个孩子做得更好。”瑞说。“我知道孩子们想要自由。他们想要表达自己,所以我试图找到一种不同的策略,让他们感到舒服。”

Jackson’s smile told the rest of the story.


Erinna was very moved by her son's haircut. She shared a video online, which has gotten millions of views. Given the huge response, Erinna also set up a special GoFundMe to support Ree to make sure she's able to continue to work and replace any lost income from the impact of the pandemic (流行病).厄琳娜对儿子的发型非常感动。她在网上分享了一段视频,获得了数百万的浏览量。鉴于巨大的反响,Erinna还设立了一个GoFundMe特别基金来支持Ree,以确保她能够继续工作,并弥补因疫情影响而失去的收入。

24. What usually helped to calm Jackson during haircuts?


A. His mother's trust.

B. His art books.

C. His barber's encouragement.

D. His headphones.

25. How did Ree succeed in cutting Jackson's hair?


A. By inspiring him to be brave.

B. By cooperating with his mother.

C. By turning the haircut into a game.

D. By telling stories about Super Mario.

26. To express thanks to Ree, Erinna______________.

A. raise a money to support her

B. advertised her haircutting skills

C. got haircuts at her shop regularly

D. posted photos of Jackson’s haircut online

27. Which of the following words can best describe Ree?下面哪个词能最好地描述Ree?

A. Kind and honest.

B. Caring and generous.

C. Patient and creative.

D. Confident and friendly.


Rethinking obesity(肥胖症)


In principle, it sounds simple: eat less and move more. This dietary advice for dealing with obesity has been around for decades.原则上,这听起来很简单:少吃多动。这种治疗肥胖的饮食建议已经存在了几十年。 35 So, why hasn’t this approach to weigh control worked?那么,为什么这种衡量控制的方法没有奏效呢?【第一段第35题:段中设空】

One possibility is that we haven't tried hard enough. Perhaps we have lacked the discipline and willpower to maintain healthy dietary and exercise habits—a challenge made more difficult today for those surrounded by inexpensive, tasty, highly processed foods.一种可能是我们还不够努力。也许我们缺乏自律和意志力来保持健康的饮食和锻炼习惯——对于那些被廉价、美味、高度加工的食品包围的人来说,这是一个更加困难的挑战。

36 In a recent paper my colleagues and I question the basic assumption of whether taking in more calories than you burn really is the primary cause of obesity. We argue that we are driven to overeat because we are getting fatter.【本段第36题:段首设空】

The key to how this works in obesity is insulin(胰岛素)processed rapidly digestible carbonhydrates (碳水化合物) raise our insulin level too high. 37 A few hours after eating a high-carb meal, the number of calories in the blood stream falls suddenly, so we get hungrier sooner after eating.【本段第37题:段中设空】

The two opposing views of cause and effect in obesity have very different implications for how to prevent and treat weight problems. The usual approach focuses on how much to eat, with prescriptions(处方)for daily calorie intake. 38 Higher-fat foods may help get rid of body fat— a possibility supported by clinical trials comparing high-fat diets with low-fat ones.【本段第38题:段中设空】

This way of thinking might help explain why calorie restriction usually fails long before a person with obesity approaches an ideal body weight. A low-calorie, low-fat diet further restricts an already limited supply of energy to the body, worsening hunger without addressing the underlying tendency to store too many calories in body fat. 39 【本段第39题:段尾设空】

Although much more research will be needed to test this idea, it is time to question the basic assumptions about cause and effect, calories and weight gain that have controlled our thinking for decades. 虽然还需要更多的研究来验证这一观点,但现在是时候质疑关于因果、卡路里和体重增加的基本假设了,这些假设几十年来一直控制着我们的思维。

A. Yet, worldwide obesity rates just keep going up.

B. In our view, the emphasis should be placed on what to eat.

C. It is important to control the amount of food consumed by us.

D. Obesity is a disease that affects 650 million adults worldwide.

E. Or perhaps the problem is the focus on “calorie balance” itself.

F. Weight loss becomes a battle between mind and metabolism.

G. This causes fat cells to take in too many calories, leaving fewer for the rest of the body.


第三部分 书面表达(共两节,32分)

第一节(共4小题;第40、41题各2分,第42题3分,第43题5分共 12 分)阅读下面短文,根据题目要求用英文回答问题。请在答题卡指定区域作答。

Every year more of us try and reduce our impact on the planet. A refill shop, or zero waste shop, gives you a choice to go green. 每年都有更多的人试图减少我们对地球的影响。一个充满垃圾的商店,或者零垃圾商店,给你一个选择去生产或使用绿色产品。

Refill shops tend to be small, independent stores that sell non-packaged goods. Most of the time they will be dry ones like rice and nuts produced directly in the local sites, which means less carbon footprint from farm to plate. They can also be many other sustainable (可持续的) products, like refill cleaning products and soaps. Shoppers only need to bring containers they already own and refill them from larger containers in the store. 补充商店往往是小型的,独立的商店,出售非包装的商品。大多数时候,它们都是直接在当地生产的干粮,比如大米和坚果,这意味着从农场到餐桌的碳足迹更少。它们也可以是许多其他可持续的产品,比如清洁产品和肥皂。购物者只需要携带他们已经拥有的容器,然后从商店的大容器中再装满它们。

Refill and zero-waste shops are usually located in communities. Buying from within walking distance, clearly, is more sustainable and kinder to the planet, and your community. If you're walking down the street to your local refill shop, then you're doing great but if you're driving hours away to find your closest shop, then the transport may cancel out any benefits of what you buy. Remember, it's the whole process not just the end product. 再充值和零废物商店通常位于社区。很明显,在步行距离内购买更可持续,对地球和你的社区更友善。如果你走在街上去当地的补品店,那么你做得很好,但如果你要开几个小时的车去找最近的商店,那么交通可能会抵消你买东西的任何好处。记住,这是整个过程,而不仅仅是最终产品。

Perhaps the most significant aspect of shopping at local refill shops is that they encourage us to think about our consumer habits. They make us pause and think about how we can make positive changes for the environment. 或许,在本地充值商店购物最重要的方面是,它们鼓励我们思考自己的消费习惯。它们让我们停下来,思考如何为环境做出积极的改变。

If you can shop local and from independent refill shops, then you should. It doesn't have to be all the time but minimizing waste and choosing refills where you can will make a positive difference. 如果你可以在当地或独立的续料店购买,那么你应该购买。它不需要所有的时间,但尽量减少浪费和选择补充,在你可以做出积极的改变。


refill /(for v.)riːˈfɪl; (for n.)ˈriːfɪl/

vi. 被再注满

vt. 再装满;再充满

n. 替换物;再注满

40. What are refill shops?什么是补充商店?

41. According to the passage, what is the most important value of refill shopping?根据文章内容,充值购物最重要的价值是什么?

42. Please decide which part is false in the following statement, then underline it and explain why.请判断下列哪个部分是错误的,然后在下面划线并解释为什么。

A Refill shops are built in communities within walking distance because driving to these shops can cost money.


43. In reality, refill shops have not won much popularity yet. What do you think might be the possible reason(s)? (In about 40 words)

























11.became;12.on;13.rapidly;14.amazing;15.To look;

16.weighs;17.collected;18.which;19.was drawn;20.what;

第二部分 阅读理解(共两节38分)


21.A;22.C;23. B;24.D;25.C;26.A;27.C;28.D;29.D;

30.A;31.A;32.C;33. B 34.D;


35. A;36.E;37.G;38.B;39.F;



40. Refill shops are small, independent stores that sell non-packaged goods.

41.The most important value of refill shopping is that it encourages us to think about our consumer habits.

42. According to the passage, refill shops are built in communities within walking distance because walking to refill shops is environmentally friendly.



Dear Jim,

How is it going? I'm writing to recommend a distinctive course to you—Chinese Kungfu.

This course is perfect for you. First, it is great for your overall health. Chinese Kungfu involves a lot of body movements, which can make you stronger and more flexible. It can also reduce your stress and keep you in a relaxed mood. What's more, the course is interactive. During the training, you can get positive feedback and learn how to cooperate with others. I'm sure you can benefit a lot from it.

Are you ready to give it a go? Looking forward to your reply.


Li Hua