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假如你是Sam,你的英国网友Tom今年九月份将作为交换生来常州学习。他给你写了一封信。请你给Tom写一封英文回信, 帮他解答疑惑。

Dear Sam,

I’m very glad to have a chance to study in Changzhou this September. I hear there is a special day for teachers in China. I do think it’s a good idea, but still have the following questions:

1. When is Teachers’ Day? What’s the purpose and meaning of it?

2. What do students usually do on that day? As an example, what did you once do to celebrate it?

I really want to do something to join in this interesting festival. Looking forward to your guide and help.




1. 文中不得出现你的真实姓名和学校名称;

2. 表达清楚,语句通顺,意思连贯,书写规范;

3. 词数不少于100,文章的开头和结尾已为你写好,不计入总词数。


Dear Sam,

I’m very glad to share with you this special festival.

Teachers’ Day is on September 10th every year. It is a day for students to give their special thanks to lovely teachers and show people’s respect for teachers. Students usually give flowers, cards or other small gifts to their teachers. I drew a picture and wrote an article to my favorite teacher last year. She was very happy and moved.

We will have a big party for our teachers this year and you can join us. I am sure you will have a good time on that day.

Wish you good luck in Changzhou.





我市第八届 “最美港城人”系列评选活动正在进行,你班决定推荐李华参加其类别之一“最美志愿者”的评选。请你以 “The Most Beautiful Volunteer为题,给校英文报写一篇短文介绍李华,内容包括:

(1)品质: 礼貌、善良、有耐心;




(1)词数 90 左右;



【答案】例文 :

The Most Beautiful Volunteer

Li Hua is a polite boy. He is both kind and patient.

He is a helpful volunteer. At school, he is ready to help teachers and classmates. At weekends, he takes part in lots of activities. He often does some cleaning in the street. Besides, he goes to the library to help carry books. Also, he looks after old people in the nursing home.

We all think Li Hua is such an excellent boy that we should learn from him. We’d like to recommend him for The Most Beautiful Volunteer.



76. 某英文网站正在举办征文活动,请根据网站征文要求,用英语写一篇短文投稿。

This new global site is a place for students to share their ideas. We are looking for your beautiful school day to inspire(鼓舞)our readers. Did you help anyone at school? Did you enjoy a beautiful song in your art lesson? Did you have an amazing experience in the school lab?

Your school life is full of beauty. Choose a beautiful school day. Write a passage to tell us what you did that day and why you think it was beautiful.

Send your writing to us right now!


1. 内容涵盖要点, 全文连贯通顺。

2. 词数80左右(已给出的文章开头, 不计入总词数)。

3. 文中不得提及有关考生个人身份的任何信息, 如校名、人名等。


My Beautiful School Day

My school life is full of beauty. I will never forget the day which makes me feel meaningful.

My best friend Lucy and I always ride bikes together after school. One day, I waited a long time but didn’t see her. Then I searched for her in the corner of our school. She was crying at that time. She told me that she was nervous because she would have an English test. I decided to help her with English. That evening, I helped her review the key points and notes. Two days later, she told me that she passed it. I felt that helping others who are in need was very meaningful.



81. 艺术陶冶情操, 涵养生命。你喜欢的艺术形式是什么, 有过怎样的经历, 又有怎样的感受呢?请在下列图示中任选一种或自选一种其他艺术形式, 用英语写一篇短文。

注意:1. 词数90左右, 短文开头已给出, 不计入总词数。2. 表达中请勿提及真实校名及姓名。

【答案】例文 :

Art is an important part of our life. My favourite art is making kites.

According to my grandparents, when I was young, I looked forward to flying. One year, when spring came, my grandfather made a kite for me. That made me quite excited. When I held a line to let my kite fly into the sky, I knew my dream of flying came true.

As I’m growing older, like a kite, I will leave my parents. But I know the line is still in my parents’ hand. With them behind me, I can fly farther and farther.

Art teaches us a lot. It makes our life rich and colourful.



61. 在日常生活中, 冲突难免发生。请以 “A conflict with…”为题。用英语写下你与他人(如:家人, 老师, 同学等)或自己内心发生过的冲突故事。故事需包括冲突的发生和解决。


1. 词数:100左右;

2. 请先将标题填写完整,再写文章;

3文中不得出现与考生相关的真实姓名, 校名等信息;照抄阅读语篇不得分。

参考词汇:conflict 冲突


A conflict with my mother

In daily life, conflicts often occur. I sometimes have conflicts with my mother.

When I got home, she always said a lot. She would ask me about my performance in class, how I got along with my classmates and so on. I felt really bored sometimes. I was very tired after a day’s class. When I got home, I just wanted to rest and didn’t want to talk. So whenever my mother asked me something, we always had some conflicts.

Later, I told my good friend what I thought, and she suggested that I talk to my mother about what I really thought. I did as she suggested. I had a heart-to-heart talk with my mother. I explained my thoughts in detail to my mother. Instead of talking about it endlessly, my mother gave me more space and made me more independent.

In the end, my relationship with my mother became very harmonious. We all became happier and more relaxed.



71. 公众健康日(7月7日),旨在倡导“全民健康,快乐为本”的理念。随着生活水平的提高,健康越来越受到重视。你们准备组织爱一个关于“健康”主题的演讲活动,请你根据下面内容,准备一篇题为How to live a healthy and happy life的演讲稿。

How to live a healthy and happy life



1. 健康饮食;

2. 适当锻炼;

3. 充足睡眠。


1. 积极乐观;

2. 与人为善;





1. 词数90左右,开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数;

2. 文中不得出现真实的地名、校名、人名等信息。


How to live a healthy and happy life

Hi, my dear and classmates,

With the improvement of living conditions, we are paying more and more attention to our health, which includes both physical and mental health. Then how can we students live a healthy and happy life?

Firstly, we should keep our bodies healthy. Not only do we need to eat healthy food, but we also need to exercise in a proper way every day. For example, we can run for 30 minutes every morning or play sports after school. Meanwhile, we still need enough sleep every day.

Secondly, mental health is also very important. We need to love our life and try to be active. We need to get along well with others as well. When we’re sad, we can communicate with our parents, teachers and friends frankly.

In a word, I hope everyone can have a healthy body and mind, and then we can have a healthy and happy life every day.

That’s all. Thank you!



世界上有很多事物能够表达我们内心的感恩、敬意、关爱……例如,一个微笑、一份礼物……请你以“A ________ with special meaning"为题写一篇英语短文,参加校刊英文专栏的征文比赛。


1. 你向谁表达,为什么?

2. 你用什么表达,为什么?

3. 你对他/她/它/他们说什么?


1. 请将标题补充完整,合理即可;

2. 必须含有所有要点,并适当拓展;

3. 不得出现真实的人名、校名、地名等相关信息;

4. 词数100左右。


A gift with special meaning

The day before Mother’s Day, everyone around me was talking about what gifts they were going to buy for their beloved mother. Buying flowers is what most students will do, others buy chocolates. While for me, I want to do something different, as I live in school and can’t go back home on Mother’s Day. I decide to make a call to her, sending her my warmest wishes. I am so nervous now and have no idea what to say. I search the Internet for some suggestions, it is very useful for me, many wonderful words are presented in front of my eyes. I read them one by one. As I decide to copy these words, suddenly I feel there is no meaning for saying someone else’s words. So I give up, I will tell my mother that I love her and thank you for the things she has done for me.

It is such a special gift. I think my mother will like it, because this special gift contains my love for my mother.



63. 今年以来,数位中科院院士相继离世,在社会各界纷纷表达惋惜之余,“谁是真正的偶像”的话题被再度热议。为此,Teens英文报特辟了主题为“Who You Admire Most”的专栏,请你用英语写一篇短文投稿。以下信息非限定性内容,仅供参考。



●Jackie Chan (Chinese kung fu superstar)

●Date of birth: Apr.7,1954(Hong Kong)

●Achievements: act in mearly 100 films; many awards; many years of charity work; help people in over 30 countries

●Yuan Longping (Father of Hybrid Rice)

●Date of firth: Sept.7, 1930 (Beijing)

●Achievements: develop a new type of hybrid rice (1970s; 20% more per unit); the World Food Prize(2004); save millions of lives


1. 短文须自拟,要求观点明确、语句通顺、意思连贯、符合题意;

2. 词数在90个左右,短文标题已给出,不计入总词数;

3. 短文必须写在答题卡指定的位置上。


After learning the English text books of Junior Three, I’m lucky to get to know many famous people in different fields. Among whom, Jackie Chan has impressed me most. He is the person I admire most. He is a Chinese kung fu superstar. He was born in Hong Kong on Apr. 7th, 1954. He is such a well-known actor and director that many people like him. He has acted in nearly 100 films and has won many awards. His movies are very exciting. In order to make the movies real and excellent, he plays the roles of the movies carefully. So l admire him very much. Sometimes, he can hurt himself. He does many years of charity work. He helps people in over 30 countries.

I should learn strong spirits from him.



81. 初中三年,我们都有一些难以忘怀的经历。学校英语俱乐部将组织题为“An Unforgettable Experience”的征文比赛。请根据提示,写一篇短文参赛。

1. What was the experience?

2. What have you learned from it?


(1)词数:100 词左右(文章开头已给出,不计入总词数);




An Unforgettable Experience

Looking back on the past three years, everyone had some unforgettable experiences. I will never forget the experience of being a volunteer for the Asian Games held in our city.

Being one of the three volunteers selected from our school, I felt excited and proud. To make sure that I could provide the best service, I practiced in my spare time, especially my spoken English. When the day finally came, I felt a little bit nervous because I was afraid of making any mistakes. Fortunately, I performed well and was spoken highly of by the volunteer organization.

I learned that we should be confident and hard-working. It was the first time that I had been a volunteer for such an important event, which made me proud ever since.



81. 某英文报正在举行“家乡美”为主题的征文活动,你打算以“Spring in my hometown”为题写一篇英语短文投稿,请根据以下问题提示完成征文。


(1) What is spring like in your hometown?

(2) What do people in your hometown usually do in spring? (three points)

(3) How do you like your hometown in spring? (two points)




(3)词数:100 词左右;



Spring in my hometown

When spring comes, everything comes back to life and the climate becomes warm. People feel more comfortable than in winter. The mountains which are very high in my hometown become more and more green. Most flowers blossom as the weather becomes warm. All of these scenes draw a beautiful picture.

People begin to climb mountains, have a picnic near rivers. They also fly kites in the parks. They try their best to be close to nature and enjoy the beauty of it. Famers start to sow and wait for a good harvest.

As far as I am concerned, spring in my hometown is full of life and power. It gives us energy and hope. I love the spring in my hometown.